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We are offering multiple positions for those interested in pursuing research in DM/AI and its applications in spatio-temporal domains. These positions include PhD, Mphil, Postdoc, RA, and Visiting Scholars. Our areas of focus include:
  • Spatio-Temporal Data Mining:
    ST forecasting, imputation, extrapolation, novel learning frameworks (e.g., SSL), trajectory learning, and video understanding.
  • Urban Computing:
    urban sensing, data management, data analytics, and service providing.
  • Time Series Analysis:
    forecasting, classification, intervention analysis, and anomaly detection.
  • Graph Mining and Learning:
    graph neural network, model pruning, and data consolidation.
  • AI for Science:
    e.g., environment, healthcare, climate, finance, and earth science.
All admitted postgraduate students are guaranteed full scholarships (¥15K/10K per month for PhD/MPhil). We also offer competitive salaries to RAs, with project bonuses based on project progress. Students who intend to apply for the 2024 Fall term can contact or apply for an RA position first. Due to the large volume of emails, we may not be able to reply to each one individually. [chinese version]

Contact Info

To apply for a position, please send your CV (including educational background, publication list, internship experience, etc.), transcripts, and representative papers or projects to The email subject should be in the format of “Year-Position-Your Name-Your affiliation“, such as “23Fall-PhD-Jay Chou-HKUST(GZ)”.

We will carefully read and evaluate all submitted applications as soon as possible. Due to the large number of applicants, we may not reply individually. If you pass the resume screening, you will receive an email notifying you of an interview. If you do not receive any reply within one month, you will not enter the next round. If you are still strongly interested in joining our group, you can send us an email after one month. Thank you for your patience.

The requirements for PhD students are listed below. For MPhil students, please contact me and sign up for the Redbird master class, and you can choose a mentor after 6 months. For Postdoc/RA/Intern applications, we will schedule an online meeting on a case-by-case basis.

1️⃣ We are seeking individuals with backgrounds in CS, DS, EE, and GIS. Outstanding students in urban planning, transportation engineering, and civil engineering are also welcome to apply.

2️⃣ Applicants should have a strong interest in basic research and application of artificial intelligence and data science. They should be willing to think independently and eager to produce influential scientific research results.

3️⃣ Strong math and programming skills are required. Applicants should be willing to learn and explore new knowledge. Experience in operating and using Linux is also necessary.

4️⃣ Applicants should have the spirit of scientific research and be keen on open source, openness, and cooperation

5️⃣ Good English writing skills are required, meeting the English admissions requirements of HKUST.

6️⃣ Applicants need to meet at least one of the following requirements. Those who meet more than one requirement will be given priority:

  • Have relevant research or project experience in DM and AI, and have published papers in top conferences or journals as the primary author. Generally, at least one CCF-A/B full paper is required for the application.
  • Have internship experience in industry or a research institution, and have a systematic and deep understanding of the application of AI/DM. Achieving outstanding results during the internship is also necessary.
  • Have achieved top levels in competitions such as ACM ICPC, MCM/ICM, KDD Cup, and Kaggle.